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How to get Cydia using Electra jailbreak ? using Yalu102 jailbreak ?

You can download Cydia for iOS 11.1.2 to iOS 11 versions with Electra jailbreak. Use following Electra computer support guide to install Cydia. 

 Step 01 - Download the Electra.IPA from the following button and download Cydia impactor from above of this page

Step 02 - Connect your device to the PC or Mac. Run the Cydia Impactor from your computer. Drag the downloaded Electra IPA into the Cydia impactor.

Step 03 - It will require entering your Apple ID and password to sideload Electra.IPA to your device.

Step 04 - When sideloading process complete, you can find the Electra Jailbreak app on your device homescreen. 

Step 05 - Verify the developer profile heading through the Settings --> General and Profile and Device management --> 

Trust. Step 06 - Then run the Electra app on your device and Tap the Jailbreak button to begin the Jailbreak. 

Step 07 - Once the jailbreak process complete, your device will reboot and Cydia appears on your device homescreen.

Note - You have to re-jailbreak the device after every reboot because this is a semi-tethered jailbreak. Also you can get Online Jailbreak guide from Electra Jailbreak page.

How to Install Cydia using Yalu102 jailbreak

You can jailbreak iOS 10 to iOS 10.2 versions with Yalu102 jailbreak for free cydia download. Use following Yalu102 jailbreak guide. 

Step 01 - Download Cydia impactor.  

Step 02 - Download Yalu102 tool from following download link.

Step 03 - Connect your device to PC and Open the Cydia impactor. 

Step 04 - Drag and drop the Yalu IPA file into the Cydia impactor and provide the Apple ID and password.

Step 05 - It will begin to install Yalu 102 app on your Device. Once complete the process Yalu 102 app will be available on your device homescreen.

Step 06 - You need to verify the app after installation.

Go to Settings --- > General --- > Device Management --- > Trust. 

Step 07 - Now open the Yalu102 app. 

Step 08 - Click on “Go” button. It will take some time and wait until the process complete. Your device will be restarted automatically the during the jailbreak process. 

Step 09 - Finally Cydia is available on your homescreen.

Upgrade Cydia

Cydia last updated version is 1.1.30 with full official support for iOS 10 jailbreak as well as support for 64-bit devices, on 15th Feb 2017. Coolstar launched the initial release of Electra for iOS 11 - iOS 11.1.2 with the access to Cydia. However, cydia iOS 11 support update is still pending by Saurik. When you run the Cydia first time or after a long time, you will get an "Essential upgrades" message. Essential upgrade needs to function Cydia repos properly. This process update the Cydia package itself to install new packages and apps.

Step 01 - Tap on “Upgrade Essential”

Step 02 - Confirm to start the download and install.

Step 03 - It will take few seconds to complete. Once done, tap on Close Window.


It is recommended to reboot your device after you install necessary upgrades. You may have to repeat Step 1 to open Cydia again.Most popular Cydia appsiFile - It allows to create, delete, copy, paste, rename, change permissions, zip / unzip multiple files or directories and transfer files via Celeste, Bluetooth, or AirBlue Sharing.AirBlue Sharing - Share Notes, Photos, Videos, Music, Contacts or Voice Memos with any iOS device.iBlacklist - You can block and hide calls or messages from any numbers you hate.

Hands-free Control - Access the “Siri” without even touching your iOS Device with Hands-free Control.Sara - Sara is an alternative to Siri for older iOS devices.ProTube HD - This an alternative for iOS stock youtube app with Youtube features Winterboard - WinterBoard is best Cydia themes collection.

Grooveshark - You can get phenomenal music streaming experience with Grooveshark.RecognizeMe 2.0 - Face recognition app for your iOS device to use as a security solution.PKGBackup - PKGBackup is a process of reinstalling all Cydia apps at once.

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