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How to fix Samsung galaxy s8 battery draining too fast issue.

The new Samsung galaxy S8 phone is an advanced feature rich phones that is released recently but even latest release by Samsung is also reported with poor battery life. The poor battery life or quick battery drain is not reported by all users and not from Day 1 after purchasing. But after a month of use the quick battery drain is observed by many users.
Battery started draining faster when the display is on.  The battery drain in Samsung galaxy s8 is reported too fast like 1% battery drain takes away like in 10 minutes.

 It is good idea to check what is causing so much battery drain in your phone. Goto- settings, devicemaintenance and battery to see what apps are using notable amounts of juice. If it’s an app, try to uninstall the app as it may be keeping your phone busy while working in background.

Fix 1: Deactivate Google Location/History services.
For many Galaxy s8 users deactivating location and history setting showed a good improvement in battery life. To do that Goto->settings / location / Google Location Histoy.

Fix 2: Use black themes to save battery
Switching to a black theme can save battery too, and wallpaper can still be adjusted. I keep all my menus /settings/text messages with black backgrounds. 

Fix 3: Make sure Auto brightness is always on
This is also one of the best way to save battery while using screen display too much. The feature makes sure that you have right amount of light on screen as per your surrounding environment. Settings Display  Auto Brightness

Fix 4: Lower the screen resolution
One quick setting you can change semi-permanently to improve battery life. Just go into settingsdisplay and screen resolution to see your options and stick at "FHD+". If you've moved up to "WQHD+" for the best-looking screen possible, you can scale it back down to save a little battery life. 

Fix 5: Disable unnecessary apps
It is recommended to disable apps like chrome weather which tends to work in background all the time. Check if these are reasons for your battery drop.

Fix 6: Common tips to save battery
Be sure to follow these best practices to ensure you get the most out of your battery life:

  • Keep all apps and software up to date
  • Use only the Samsung OEM charging accessories that came with the phone
  • Turn off Bluetooth or Wi-Fi when not in use.
  • Turn on Airplane Mode when connectivity isn't needed.
  • Turn off Background Data.
  • Turn off Auto Sync.
  • Adjust Location settings or disable Location.
  • Reduce Brightness.
  • Turn on Auto Brightness.
  • Decrease screen timeout settings.
  • Enable a Power Saving Mode.
  • Disable any themes with animations or large file size.
  • Disable Live wallpaper.

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