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How to fix iPhone X/8/7/6 Battery Percentage Stuck after iOS 11.2/11.3

Many iPhone X and iPhone 8/7/6 users are facing battery issue with iOS11/11.1/11.2. Like quick battery drain etc. But another issue that been found on iPhone is battery percentage gets stuck while charging above 90% or at some other value. The iPhone will charges normally up till around 90% and it starts to slow down and get stuck at certain percentages. The phone can get stuck at 90%, 85% or 70%. It can be any value. Battery life is seems to be fine and there’s no fast drainage. The iphone X/8 works fine but while charging them they are stuck at some random % value and phone is not charging to 100%.

While the battery is stuck at some percentage and if you try to restart your iPhone the iPhone battery will be increased. This seems to a software bus in iOS11 release and even in latest iOS 11.3 battery percentage is getting stuck while charging and never reaches to 100%.

How to Fix iPhone battery indicator stuck and not updating battery life:
Fix 1 : Complete discharge of iPhone
In any electronic device digital gauge can screw up. The device will no longer know what the expected battery life is, so it might seem to freeze, or it might seem to discharge much slower or quicker than normal.
The typical fix for this is to discharge the device fully prior to recharging - basically use until the devices closes itself down. This should reset the gauge.

Fix 2: Reset iPhone as new
1.) Restore the software of the iphone using itunes while on recovery mode
2.) Set up as new Iphone by resetting the iPhone (Go to Settings->General->Reset->ResetAllsetting)

Fix 3: clean up ports
iPhone battery related issue usually occurs due to one of the following: Battery, Charge port, or mobo short. One of these could be defected for battery issues.
It can also be an issue with a single filter on the board. It’s different for each device, but close to the battery connector, is a series of filters, that if damaged or blown, can’t accurately track the battery life.

Fix 4: Replace the Battery

A defected battery can be possibly the reason why the battery percentage always stuck at some level. To resolve this issue, you need to replace it with an original. If still the battery % is stuck while charging we recommend to get an Apple genuine bar appointment to get device checked for any hardware failure.

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