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How to fix iPhone 7 plus making creaking/clicking sound when press hard

Many iPhone 7Plus owners are making cmplaints about the models, specifically who owns a black iPhone 7 plus that the phone makes a slight cracking sound when pressed firmly. iPhone 7 makes a slight creaking sound that sounds like something is loose inside the phone. The sound is clearly audible if some flex is there on phone.

The issue is not similar across all devices for some user the issue happens every time expected but for some it is intermittent. If your iPhone is affected you can easily reproduce this by While twisting the phone by holding it from upright and down left corners you can hear the clicking noise easily which is annoying.  Or you may Just push on the right side on the home button to hear the clicking. But luckily this does not have any issue if you expose your iPhone to water.
Some users replaced the iPhone but still the new phone has same issue. Even contacting the Apple Support does not seem to be give a reasonable reply for it. Here is what an users said on Apple forms:
I carried my phone to nearest apple authorized service center , apple support directed me there. There they said it is common and cant be filed as an issue.... !!! shocked by their response and returned back.” 
The same issue is recently reported with Apple new flagship iPhone X with sameclicking/Creaking sound.
 In order to stop this creaking sound you may try tightening or loosening the bottom screws. Loosening basically eliminated any creaking on my 7+

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