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How to fix iPhone 7 plus ear speaker not working

Many iPhone 7 and 7+ users are facing issue with iPhone ear speaker (top speaker) that while making the calls even when the volume is fully up to 100% the sound from the ear speaker is very low and barely audible. While the issue happens, the speaker phone works, front/back cameras, just no sound out of ear piece speaker. While the ear speaker poor volume issue for some users is reported with fresh iPhone model and for some users it is seen after screen replacement. Many user find this issue after upgrade iPhone 7 plus to iOS11.

But for most of the cases the ear speaker issue is reported after screen replacement. You should try below steps to check if it fixes the issue for you.
The one reason for this can be that iOS have got caught in some software issue and in this case a normal restart or a hard reset to iPhone should fix the issue.

To Fix any software fault make sure to try and test with below settings:
1. Go to Setting -> General - >Accessibility- >Go to hearing section -> put phone Noise Cancellation to OFF
2. under the same setting in step 1 -> Turn ON hearing aid compatibility.
3. Make sure you have removed the plastic cover from over the ear speaker of new iPhone.

If it’s a hardware fault in ear speaker of iPhone:
One possible cause for this can be hardware problems. This is complicated if you do not have experience in hardware replacement in phones. You should take your iPhone to nearest service center to get it checked after reading further. You need to open up your iPhone 7 Plus and examine the earpiece flex cable. After opening up, check if there has any visible shifting or damages on the tape, the connector and the flex cable. The solution for this situation is to resetting or replacing them. If you want to do it yourself below are the steps on how to do it.

1. First Remove two bottom pentalope screws on the top of iPhone, and using any pressure making equipment suction the glass up. Now Unscrew the Phillips screws from the earpiece speaker & front-facing camera bracket. Take off the earpiece speaker & front-facing camera bracket from the front panel. Lift the front-facing camera in the front panel. Holding the front-facing camera, take out the earpiece speaker from the front panel.

Make sure make to heat up before moving front cam and proximity sensor there is a black adhesive that needs to stay on its covers some little gold connectors those need to stay covered so keep it on or put a new black adhesive.

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