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How to download apps over 150mb without wifi on iphone ios 11

Apple has recently launched its latest iOS 11 version with many new great features and many restriction are now removed from using iPhone on cellular data like you can now sync your iPhone to iCloud using cellular data. But the limit to download apps or games is nor removed completely in iOS11. Like in iOS 10 had a limit of 100MB. It is now just moved to 150MB with in iOS 11.

Sometimes users are not in accessible WIFI zone and required to make a download above apple mentioned limit over cellular data. Now a days even data provider are coming with very good packages of daily data limits in GB’s. Apple surely needs to think about removing such limits in todays world.
In case you are looking to download above 150MB limit using cellular data, please check below workaround to fix this:
Go to settings-> turn off automatic date & time and set the date something else value (eg like  few months in the future). It may sound unrelated but this worked for many users and iphone seems to download limitless in GB’s.

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