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Handoff not working on iPhone X/8/7 on iOS11, Fix

Many iPhone X and iPhone 8/7/6s users are complaining about an issue that while trying handing off the activities on iPhone X the users is unable to Handoff the same to mac PC. The iPhone running on latest iOS 11 and PC is macOS High Sierra, latest versions. If you check the iPhone unlike earlier there is no longer an icon on the lock screen to show handoff is available but only from the bottom of the multi-tasking window.

image: Apple official

This is so weird that in iPad (11), Macbook (high sierra), Work iMac (sierra) have handoff in the right places but  iOS 11 iPhone does not.The handoff seems to work fine for Apple watch and MacBook (running High Sierra).  There seems to be issue with iPhone X and other iPhone model. It Seems like that Handoff is broken on iOS11 and handoff ONLY works on the iPhone taskbar but NOT on the lock screen
If you open an app on my iPhone the handoff icon will show on my MacBook. However if you open anything on my watch or MacBook your will not get little hand off icon in the bottom left hand corner of iPhone. The users tried to toggle the Handoff on iPhone but this does not seem to help (iPhone got to Settings > General > Handoff. Turn Handoff off and then back on)

Fix 1: Signout from Apple accounts
In case you are not able to use iPhone continuity with any of other Apple devices, You can fix it by completely signing out of Apple account from all of the Apple devices including iPhone. Once you log in back the Handoff should be fine.

Fix 2: Make sure Appswitcher is there
As said Handoff is not available on lock screen in iOS11 and you can find in app switcher. In case you are not able to see the handoff icon, actually you can't access the app switcher if no apps are running. So handoff isn't available.

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