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Fix iPhone X apps not loading/stuck after restore to iOS 11

iPhone X the new cell phone released by Apple is one of the best iPhone so far released. But there are some Appstore issue are reported by iPhone user that Apps Won't load after Restore on iPhone X, iOS 11.2.  After doing the restore on new iPhone X and some of the apps are locked up and won't start. Tried deleting and reinstalling them still locked at loading. Same issue is reported with iPhone 8 plus users as well.

Many iPhone X users are reporting that they not able to download apps on iPhone X. Some of apps say waiting while other apps stayed stuck for very long time. Users after upgraded from the older iPhone to the iPhone X and their profile and pictured transferred to the new device, but apps are stuck and will not load.  AppStore will not work for updates either. Seems to be a serious problem with AppStore.
How to fix “why cant i download apps on my iphone x”

Fix 1:  Remove /reinstall stuck app from iPhone X/8
To understand the issue: If you do a “Restore from iCloud”, App Store actually fetch  a list of each app that you have ever downloaded from the beginning of time. So the  Restore gets stuck trying to download apps that are dead and missing from the App Store or that or incompatible with iOS 11.
To fix this Go to App Store, you’ll see a bunch of apps with the pending spinning circle. You can tap on these and pause the download. You’ll see some with a greyed out iCloud.  You should hide these by swiping left. Hide any garbage you no longer want. Delete any apps that are in the loading phase as this might be blocking the whole restore process of iPhone X to restore and downloading the apps.
-Reboot stuck iPhone X/8Plus;
-Go to Settings > General > Usage;
-Tab on stuck apps under Storage > Tab Delete App button to delete apps that cause iPhone X/8 Plus stuck;
-Re-download the app from App Store again later.

Fix 2: Reset and erase and do another restore from backup
The problem sometimes is that restore may get interrupted and stopped in the middle of the restore. In this case please go to settings and reset iPhone settings and restart the restore process, this should help to reload the apps.

Fix 3: Sign out and sign in to App Store
To fix iPhone X/8 Plus app stuck ‘waiting’ error:
 -Reboot iPhone X/8
-Go to Settings->  Tab Store (App Store) > Apple ID > Sign Out;
- Open App Store on iPhone X/8 Plus > Navigate to the Featured;
  -Scroll down to the bottom of the screen < Tab Sign in;
  -Select Use Existing Apple ID and log in to your account.
Now reboot the iPhone and the apps reload apps should be gone.

Fix 4: Use 3D touch to restart download
You can use 3D touch on each App those are stuck on Waiting and selected "Cancel Download". Instantly the App should become available. It seems most of the Apps had been downloaded, but each one still says waiting. The application which  are noe downloading yet needs to deleted and should be easily retrieved afterwards, by re-downloading them from the cloud.

Fix 5: Upgrade apps on old iPhone before upgrade
  - Step 1:  Upgrade iOS version to the latest on old iphone
  - Step 2:  Update all apps on old iphone
  - Step 3:  Save backup of old phone
  - Step 4:  Now you can start the restore on new iPhone X
  - Step 5:  When appropriate, restore backup (which was made with latest version of iOS and apps)

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