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Fix iPhone X and iphone 8 plus GPS not working accurately issue

Many iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus user are facing issue with GPS accuracy. Their location appears to drift off from where they actually are. On both Google Maps and Apple Maps, the gps doesn't seem to keep up. The GPS apps loads fine but  once one start driving the GPS becomes erratic and loses the actual locations. A good number of people that have reported the problem, pedestrian with no mods to their phone, testing since the beginning of December 2017, even with a second old iPhone at hand next to the new models performing fine with the same software.  Surprisingly the issue is even reported with iOS 11.2.5 also.Even playing the games required GPS are not working fine at all. It seems to me, that the position does not get updated as often as it used to on my 6s Plus or older model of iPhones.

iPhone X/8 GPS issue (Photo taken from Apple website)

Many users after seeing the issue replaced their device with new one and still the issue is reported with latest iPhone models and GPS doest not seems to work accurate with iPhone X/8. According to rumors Apple will soon release a software fix in iOS 11 future releases. But its not sure if, Are the antennas defective? Is it the glass back that prevents the antennas working to their full capacity? Its very strange that Apple is facing many issue with latest models of iPhones with latest iOS 11 even in 2018. One more such issue affecting iPhone X and iPhone 8 is music pausing and skipping automatically in iOS  11.

So any work around to fix the GPS issue in iPhone X/8:

However there are no official fix released from Apple to address the iPhone GPS issue butf For some user once the made a hard reset by resetting it from iTunes and the problem did not happen anymore.

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