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Fix for iPhone X incoming call display response delay issue

Many iPhone X user are complaining about an issue in the phone that that is causing a delay in the incoming calls. It is not sure if the issue is widespread across or few devices. But the issue is so much annoying that sometimes the user is not able to answer the calls till 10 seconds. The iPhone will start to ring but nothing will happen to screen for many seconds and the incoming call screen will be displayed after some times. Sometimes the delay is so much the call goes to voicemail before user can answer it. User have contacted Verizon or other service provider to see if anything wrong in network, but quite surely its iPhone bug. Sometimes the user feels like- iPhone X display off during incoming calls

Some users tried to reset iPhone to  fix delay issue in incoming call but after restarting the iphone X, problems gets automatically solved but after 10-20 calls or couple of day, the same problem appears to happened starts again. Even the hard resetting the iPhone does not seems to fix the issue permanently as it occurs after few day usage. The same issue is sometimes reported with iPhone 7 plus but tapping the home button seems to bring up the screen. 

"iPhone X screen is having a lag to wake up after incoming call rings"

The Apple new iPhone X is advanced technology flagship phone with first Apple product with facial recognition- FaceID . But this $1000 phones is losing it basic capability of user experience with incoming calls as incoming calls are now shown on iPhone X for some time. This should be really worrying bug as advanced smartphones are not generally reported with these basic software bugs. The Apple have not yet released out any permanent fix for this in latest iOS 11 but there are some workaround to fix incoming call delay issue in iPhone X that you may try to fix it:

How to Fix iPhone X incoming call display issue :

Fix 1 : Stop using charging Dock
Most of the user who are facing the issue are using charging dock for their iPhone X and once they stopped using it, the call seems to come normally on iPhone.

Fix 2: Reset the complete phones

The issue is sometimes reported by all iPhones user including 5SE , 6,6s,7  and iPhone 8. The issue is sometimes fixed by resetting the iPhone after taking the backup.

 Fix 3: Apply says it’s going to fix the incoming call delay on iPhone X

According to latest reports, Apple have acknowledge that lots of users are actually facing the income call delay in screen issue and Apple will be investigating the issue as if it’s a hardware of software issue in iOS 11 releases. So please wait for official fix from the Apple and keep updating the iPhone to latest available software.

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