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Can't connect Beats Studio wireless to iPhone X/6s/7/8

Many iPhone users are facing issue with new beats headphones(new Beats Solo 3, beats x) to connect with iPhone or other Apple device like iPad. The issue is even reported with latest iPhone X and iPhone 8/7 as well on latest iOS 11.

 The users report that newly bought Beats Studio wireless headphone cannot be discovered by any device/iPhone( eg iphone7, iPad, mac). In case you are also facing problems in connecting your iPhone with Beats x headphones please try following solution to check if its fixes the issue:

Fix 1: Hard Reset Beats Headphones
1. Press power and volume down button for around 10 seconds.
2. Once the LED indicator flashes, release the buttons. This will make your earphones reset and ready to be set up with your iPhone again.
3. In your iPhone forget the device if it was ever connected in past
4. Now re-pair your beats studio headphones to iPhone and now it should connect well.

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